Thursday, September 15, 2011

Forum Junkies: Episode 7 (and woopppsss)

So, the blog for episode 6, about that. I apparently hit save as draft instead of publishing it, so it has been sitting in my post list as a draft for the past 2 weeks.

We also took a week off because of the holiday last week.

So now, time for your fix. Episode 7 is now up:
On this week's episode, Darksend and Spiritus are joined by FJ Nation member & podcasting veteran, Huck. Topics include: Should WoW be more real? [Torp�d�|O-boards], Lack of content for max level characters in Cataclysm? [Irritated|O-boards], How well would WoW do if launched today? [probert|MMO-C], and the motivation for playing [Treehugger|PlusHeal].

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