Monday, May 24, 2010

10 HLK Down


I really dislike that the part of the fight you need to learn is 10 minutes into the encounter. Perfect phase 1 and phase 2 only to mess up the first defile in phase 3 for the past 3 weeks, and then not even being able to get back there more than 50% of the time for the rest of the night.

Well even from the first attempt lasts night I knew we were going to get it down. First attempt I died the first reaper of phase 3 and they got it to 19% before they ran out of soaks and wiped to vile spirits. 3 attempts later we had a kill. Flawless too, amazing DPS, and an amazing level of envy at my guild group who killed it with lower stacks of the buff weeks ago (especially you joy for being able to keep mov alive lol)

So what do I do now while waiting to get more tries in on 25 H-LK?

PLAYING GOLF AND RIDING ROLLER COASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (What I like golf, so sue me)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just no

As far as I am concerned, everything posted on MMO this morning is still protected by the NDA and I will not be touching on any of it.

Simply looking at the talent trees you can see how much work blizzard still has to do, especially in removing the "fluff" talents. Hell, the DK trees are still 3 dps and 3 tanking trees. My guess would be they are still not sure what they want to do with tanks yet. So do not come around here and expect me to speculate on them.

But if you want my speculation, ignore MMO champ and let blizzard fix the game because I suspect there are still WAY TO MANY CHANGES that need to go in before even the alpha ends let alone the beta. So let blizzard get all the changes they want in before crying bloody murder.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dear Blizzard,

If you want me to keep playing this game in the expansion there is something you must do . . .


Simply sitting at LK while people port up I can watch my FPS drop, no one up but me, 200 FPS, 2 people port up, 100 FPS, 10 people ported up, 60 FPS, the entire raid up here and buffing, 20 FPS.

I do not care where my ret paladin has his consecrate (except to intentionally move out of it) I do not need to see my warlocks shadowbolts and my mages firebolts flying at the mob and then glowing under the bosses feet for the next 10 seconds. But doing yogg phase 1 or LK heroic phase 1 without enemy spell detail on max, YEA good luck with that.

/end rant

Sorry guys, recently got a job and have not been playing but 3 days a week and even then I hardly have time to do it, pretty much done posting until the official cata notes are released because everything I had slotted for pre-release a day or two before the scheduled release a blue post pops up and says O YEA YOU ARE GETTING THAT DONT WORRY, invalidating my entire post.