Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just no

As far as I am concerned, everything posted on MMO this morning is still protected by the NDA and I will not be touching on any of it.

Simply looking at the talent trees you can see how much work blizzard still has to do, especially in removing the "fluff" talents. Hell, the DK trees are still 3 dps and 3 tanking trees. My guess would be they are still not sure what they want to do with tanks yet. So do not come around here and expect me to speculate on them.

But if you want my speculation, ignore MMO champ and let blizzard fix the game because I suspect there are still WAY TO MANY CHANGES that need to go in before even the alpha ends let alone the beta. So let blizzard get all the changes they want in before crying bloody murder.


  1. Pretty much. I think that entire pieces of talent trees haven't been addressed yet for some classes, which makes sense, since Blizzard always released the talent changes in batches. I think they're datamined potential changes, rather than trees that are likely to go live.

  2. @ lissanna

    looking around I am very disappointed that of all our fellow bloggers very few are following our lead.

  3. All I can say is Kudos to you for staying away from all the alpha leaks. It shows a level of integrity that is often missing by bloggers rushing to "be the first" to post some leaked information and get their name out there. *two thumbs up*

  4. My favorite is the "well it is not like I leaked the info, I am just reporting on it because MMO-champ is almost never wrong with this stuff"

    It is not about if the info will be right or wrong, the reason it is a PRIVATE ALPHA is because blizzard still probably has no clue what they want to do (they know how they want the game to end up as a whole but which path of changes do you take to get there), more than 1/2 the trees are completely untouched, and even if that were not true and the talent trees were completely done, we have yet to see it in practice so nothing posted will make it live in the way it currently is. Numbers need to be adjusted, people need to learn how to use the new abilities to the full potential, and shit is probably still just down right bugged.

    As hard as it is for anyone who knows me to accept what I am about to say (especially after the way I acted during LK beta) IT IS JUST TO FUCKING EARLY TO RETACT TO ANYTHING POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE