Monday, May 24, 2010

10 HLK Down


I really dislike that the part of the fight you need to learn is 10 minutes into the encounter. Perfect phase 1 and phase 2 only to mess up the first defile in phase 3 for the past 3 weeks, and then not even being able to get back there more than 50% of the time for the rest of the night.

Well even from the first attempt lasts night I knew we were going to get it down. First attempt I died the first reaper of phase 3 and they got it to 19% before they ran out of soaks and wiped to vile spirits. 3 attempts later we had a kill. Flawless too, amazing DPS, and an amazing level of envy at my guild group who killed it with lower stacks of the buff weeks ago (especially you joy for being able to keep mov alive lol)

So what do I do now while waiting to get more tries in on 25 H-LK?

PLAYING GOLF AND RIDING ROLLER COASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (What I like golf, so sue me)


  1. Grats on the kill! I'm assuming you were on LK and the other tank was on adds? How did you handle Soul Reaper? I've seen some say they are just alternating barkskin and enrage same as for normal, and I've seen some say they are combining those two, and using external cooldowns or SI for the other ones.

  2. Big Grats!

    Hoping to put in a real push this week as well. Nothing beats hpal being valk grabbed followed by dpriest being valk grabbed!