Thursday, September 17, 2009

Are you using the correct rotation?

I just finished recording a new video guide look for it in a few days.

What to take away from it while you wait:

If you do not have improved mangle, you use a rotation of mangle->FF->x->y. Well after "y" mangle will still have .5 seconds left on its cooldown. Some mods show that as having a full second remaining, which in turn gets interpreted as an entire 1.5 second global so they use something other than mangle instead of waiting the 1/2 second. Thus using mangle every 6th global instead of 5.

The same goes for imp mangle rotations of mangle->x->y. The difference here is that not every rotation will include a FF due to the difference in mangle and FF cooldowns. So only on rotations where a FF is present between mangles will this .5 second discrepancy occur. Thus you end up using mangle every 5th global instead of every 4th. What is every worse about this than the above situation is that YOU HAVE JUST WASTED 3 TALENT POINTS if you are falling into this trap.


  1. Hey man. I appreciate your work on this. I'm a new feral druid and I just need a few tips on pulls.

    How do I handle pulling mobs that are far apart when I have AOE happy dps? Like for example that pull before the first boss in HUK. There are 4 mobs that are spread out. Also, HTOC faction champs?

  2. If this is the case, Dark, do you suggest only going 1/3 Improved Mangle, so that the remaining time syncs up with a 1.5 second GCD?

  3. I'm a little confused regarding the rotation posted here. Given no points in imp mangle shouldn't mangle fall on the fourth gcd? (fifth if you actually use that .5s dead zone to pop something with a 1.5s gcd) With 3/3 imp mangle it brings it to every third gcd (fourth if you pop something in that .5s window.

    I also was of the understanding that 3/3 mangle was still a tps increase if you cannot find the full five points for master shapeshifter.