Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Forum Junkies: Episode 1

LONG TIME NO SEE! A year ago next week since my last post ...

Anyway, just a quick update to let you know about a new project I am working on. It is called forum junkies.

Forum Junkies is a WoW related podcast geared towards giving a voice to the community. The content is generated by posters on the official wow forums as well as wow community sites. My co-hosts and I then pick the best of the best to highlight on the show, quality posts that would have otherwise been buried amongst the trolls. We blend hardcore and semi-hardcore raiding perspectives with comedy and no fear of saying where we think blizzard screwed up.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and make sure to let us know about any interesting posts you find that you might like highlighted on the show.

We just finished recording episode 2 so look for it soon!

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