Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Skyrim Walkthrough: The First 5 Episodes

First off, we are still looking for a replacement for spiritus on forum junkies, and hopefully we will be back on the air before 4.3 hits.

Now, on to business. The first 5 episodes of my skyrim walkthrough are now up on youtube. Taking 6 hours per video in rendering time is really hurting but I am chuggin along.


Character Creation and Tutorial Dungeon

Lore and Backstory (boring episode)

Black Falls Barrow and My first real combat

Black Falls Sanctum, the Dragonstone, My first Dragon Shout, and epic recording fails


Episode 6 is already recorded and rendering now and should be up on youtube after the football games tonight:

The Civil War begins and My Stormcloak Initiation

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