Thursday, April 2, 2009

About time, SI and flask changes

Gone from predicting this, to demanding it, to being absolutly astounded that it had yet to happen.

Well, Blizzard finally got off their asses and made the change to SI that they made to last stand weeks ago:
Survival Instincts cooldown lowered to 3 minutes.
Flasks have also recieved a major update:

Flask of Stoneblood now increases the player's maximum health by 1300.

Most likely, Blizzard will now balance around us having the extra 550 HP, the same way pre 2.1 they balanced around being able to stack every possible consumable. If that does not happen however, (I claim no credit for this) if you look at the progression from BC to LK of all the flasks, the AP, spellpower, and MP5 all recieved 50%+ increases. Going from 500 to 650 is only a 30% increase. The new 1300 flask is a 160% increase. I doubt it will go live but I doubt it will go back to 750 (probably around 850-900 when all is said and done).

Finally, the SI glyph has been increased as well:
Your Survival Instincts ability grants an additional 15% of your maximum health.

I got home much earlier than I expected (earlier flight) and was able to finish up the next tip so it will be published at its normal time 8am on Tuesday.

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