Saturday, November 21, 2009

Housekeeping finished

For those unaware, tankspot just updated its front page this past week. Check it out at Along with that upgrade comes a new article system.

As part of that upgrade I finally got off my ass and got around to some housekeeping I have been putting off since 3.2 came out. My Feral Druid guide over there can be found at for those wishing to view it as an article. Most notably I finally updated all the talent descriptions that have changed in 3.1 and 3.2(.2) and wowhead spec links in preparation for a new project I am working on. Look for its release soon.

The last order of business is to get on the PTR tomorrow and make sure blizzard has not done anything screwy with threat and confirm the numbers I collected from the ulduar PTR for threat co-efficients.

As expected, nothing changed.

Just had to make a few confirmations/corrections.

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  1. Sadly still no RSS on Tankspot :(