Monday, January 18, 2010

Goodbye kal!

This is to important to just leave a comment buried in what will no doubt be hundreds of comments.

Another feral blog and good friend of mine Kalon, of thinktank, has hung up the keyboard.

So many good feral blogs have fallen this year, some to other games, and others who just stopped posting all together. You were the best feral resource the community had in recent months and I will miss our talks the most. Shame we never did get to do that podcast.

Good luck with whatever you end up doing and hope you enjoy the extra time you are going to have now to spend with the people who really matter, your wife and son. Hope to hear from ya soon even in your absence from wow.


  1. Looks like you are running the show now!

  2. Now with Thinktank gone i really dont have any good feral blogs other then this one, makes me sad to think all the feral blogs are gone, are there any active ones still alive?

  3. Awww...thanks. :) I'll probably putter around the message boards for a while.

    Good luck in ICC, and keep up the awesome writing and guides. :)

  4. Yea I have been working a lot more closely with tankspot right now than when I started this. Mostly now a days though it is replying to the HALP forums where 1 out of maybe every 50 posts is about a druid and of course the encounter vids which take a decent chunk of time.

    I HAD ANOTHER VIDEO that cider approved and has yet to post it I will remind him about it and see if he still has it

  5. Came here from Think Tank and am placing my eggs in your proverbial basket. :)

    Just wanted to throw out there that one of my favorite features of Kal's blog was the custom wowhead stat weightings. Your loots lists are awesome, but for us noobs who don't get heavily into theorycrafting (or 25 mans/heroic modes), I really like that aspect and hope it is something you might look to continue.

    Bookmark officially added!