Thursday, February 18, 2010

Upgrading 264 to 277? Here's how!

Short and to the point:

277 order:
  1. Legs:;51142
  2. Helm:;51143
  3. Shoulders:;51140
  4. Hands:;51144
1 and 2 are a toss up and 3 and 4 are a toss up so all that really matters if you get the legs and helm with your first two and then it really does not matter .

Since this blog is so short I want to talk about wowhead's item comparison tool as well. It is an amazing tool when all the items are loaded properly (which by now I think they all are and only really does not happen on winged instances like this) . It is not simply a means for me to be lazy when putting up posts like this (and confession I do these posts as much for myself so I remember what I said I wanted to get yea yea laugh it up) but it is actually how I figure out which piece I will use for my own token. The best part of it though is by far the ability to use groups like I did in my last post.


  1. No offense, But shouldn't this have been pretty obvious? Clearly the peices that give you more overall (chest, legs, helm) will have greater value through the upgrades.

    Just didn't seem like the item comparison tool was needed for this.

  2. Indeed, the order to upgrade matches the order with which to obtain the t10 items in the first place. HOWEVER, while some of us find this obvious, this post wasn't meant to preach to the converted. The druid blogging community has changed recently and the fact that anyone is investing their time or effort in this should be commended. If there are more pressing matters he could be addressing, I'd be curious to hear them.

  3. I'd be curious to have Darksend's opinion on hit rating on Normal mode gear.

    It seems to be severely lacking, at what point if ever does it become worth it to grab a socket bonus with a hit/stam gem?

  4. If you have access to most heroic mode gear, but don't have access to heroic mode tokens because tanking is offspec, does 4pc still outweigh all the 277 offset stuff?