Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How the hell did I miss this? And BLUE posts

Sooooo apparently I am a bit slow, but with the new patch and the duration increase on mangle, the glyph was redesigned. (This is a lead in to an article I am writing for next week) Since I have 2 bear specs at the moment, one with 5/5 feral aggression the other with 5/5 ferocity, I am considering reglyphing the ferocity spec. Mangle is by far the best threat glyph we have, o wait, isn't it also the only single target threat glyph we have? ABOUT TIME BLIZZARD!

So here is how I will probably be glyphing tomorrow. My ferocity spec will have mangle, SI, and growl (possibly maul not sure on the third one) while my feral aggression spec will have SI, FR, and growl.

Now, with a development cycle for Cataclysm coming into full swing I will be monitoring Blue Tracker more closely.

I'm going to vote for not interesting gameplay.

At the very least, you should be able to reduce your chance to miss a Taunt to zero if you reduce your chance to miss with a weapon to zero. It's also possible we'll just let them always hit.
This is a nice proposal, but I wonder how this will affect glyphs if it goes in (talking about the first option here). Since spell hit cap is 17% and melee hit cap is only 8%, the way I look at it they gave us the taunt glyph in the first place to even this out. If taunt becomes melee hit cap, than the glyph will allow taunt to never be resisted naked. Are they going to leave the glyph in and leave us the option to be hit capped naked? Are they going to lower the amount given by the glyph? Or are they going to remove the glyph completely? Obviously this means misery and moonkin FF will no longer affect taunt.
It is called "Thunder" and "Clap." That implies some noise. :)

Seriously though, silence isn't a dispel. Dispels are tied to magical effects. Silences are just tied to things that (more or less) logically require an audio component (in the game fiction -- I'm not talking about your sound card) to work. Most caster spells qualify but some other abilities do too.

That response is certainly possible, but I figure part of what I can do out here (in exchange for all the feedback we get) is offer the occasional intent behind a game decision. Sometimes players can get us to question those decisions, but in cases like this it's going to take more than "It doesn't seem to *me* like silence could stop a Thunder Clap." Trying to arbitrate how the physics of magic should work is a pretty futile exercise. :)

Warriors complaining about not being able to use ONE ABILITY while silenced? Really? Not being able to barkskin while silenced is fun on hard mode lich king when tanking ragings, not to mention FFF being locked out. I do not even want to guess what it is like to be a DK or paladin in a situation where there are silences on tanks.

I do think there are some things that need to be taken off silence lock-out for paladins and DKs from a quality of life issue. Those two classes get almost completely locked out while silenced and become almost useless but warriors and druids are still completely capable of doing anything they could while not silenced. On the flip-side I like GC's response, it gives us a nice glimpse into the design process while still providing a comedic and RP-based response.



  1. Stupid question - someone commented in that thread about taunts that "every class has two taunts".

    What is our second taunt?

  2. I can only assume he is referring to challenging roar, which would leave him in error. If a druid gets a growl resist we are more f-ed than any of the other classes, warriors have mocking blow on a much shorted cooldown than c-roar in addition to an AOE taunt of their own, dks and pallies have 2 taunts each.

  3. I'd love to see the threat/dps potential of mangle+berserk especially on fights where you can sneak in two berserks. :-)

  4. With the 10% buff going live last night, is there a point in which we'll stop focusing on stamina because we already have enough health?

  5. Check my armory right now, I am using 7 shiftings. And you know what, I am reconsidering it, not because I want more hp, but because even in ICC with the dodge debuff I GET RAGE STARVED because of my avoidance.