Saturday, July 3, 2010

The ICC buff and you: Getting max TPS

(I had not planned on releasing this post until the 30% buff came out, but since you asked nicely O.o)

With the buff now at 25%, even in full DPS gear I have more HP than I did the first week of hard modes in full tank gear (with no zone buff yet). And since most of the fights are completely boring as a tank, what better to do than try and set TPS records.

First, the spec:

Next, the rotation: I like to build up a 5 stack of lacerate first, to let my idol stack up, as opposed to berserking straight away, to give my berserk that extra crit, but mileage may vary. Even if I use it right on the pull, on most bosses I will not get a second one so that really does not matter, and since you probably used KOTJ to get rage for the pull, why not wait and line up berserk with your second enrage. Well anyway after that you can pretty much just macro it and go afk. Assuming a 5 stack is already up, Mangle-> Lacerate-> FF->Mangle->Swipe->Swipe->Mangle->FF->Swipe->Repeat. This is why it is important to cap hit and expertise because you are refreshing that lacerate with under a second to go so if it misses/is parried you need to start your stack all over again. Also MAULMAULMAULMAULMAUL!

After that, the gear: (wowhead does not like my leatherworking for some reason but the bracers have the 102 stam leatherworking lining). Is this the ideal setup, far from it, but it is what I have to use, just to give you guys an idea of the direction to go.

Things to keep in mind, at the 20% buff, I still used my 277 tanking helm (with stam meta) and for the extra armor boost. I also had my tanking belt with 2x30 stam gems and a 51 stam gem until the 25% buff.

The most important thing to do is cap hit and expertise before anything else, although what the parry cap actually is is anywhere between 54-60 depending on who you ask (I think 14% or 56 is the right number but don't quote me). The three pieces I love for this are the trinket, the cape, and the chest. All very easy to obtain (10 man HM trial, 10 man Morrowgar, 25 Gunship) which combined give 5% hit and 30 expertise skill (40 on the character sheet because of talents).

The other important thing is still use 4pc t10. With KotJ, you will be using enrage a lot. If you do not have the bonus, the armor loss from using enrage, combined with already reduced stam and armor from the dps gear, will be very deadly.

Lastly, Fights I use this on (all heroic mode):
  • LM
  • LDW (swap the bracers for the identical ones just with a 70 frost resist fur lining, and change the runestone to Sind's flawless fang)
  • LOLship
  • Deathbringer
  • Rotface
  • Festergut (this may surprise people, and you may think this is because I am the first tank, but I am not. Surviving the 3 stack is about using cooldowns nothing more)
  • BQL
Putricide is a moderatly difficult attempt boss better safe than sorry, Princes I tank 2 of them and they kinda hurt, stuff dies to fast on Dreamwalker so might as well use tank gear to let the healers heal the boss more, and sind I am the offtank so while my DPS contribution could be better, I have had some bad luck with healer blocks on that fight.


  1. What about using the Idol of Perspicacious Attacks?

  2. Would it not be better to instead of focusing in TPS focus in armor and mitigation instead?

    It would be pretty much the same health pool that several tanks had when they got their kills but you would get hit by a lot less

  3. Jackaran-LightninghoofJuly 5, 2010 at 1:51 PM

    I like the revamp of your spec the only thing *I* personally disagree with is MSS, 4% physical damage is...ugh...dumb. Especially compared to 6% Max HP crit heals.

    Now sure you're talking TPS so, I see where 4% physical > Survival but chances are people who know how to generate threat understand how to Threat generate, so they don't need it. People who would need this spec wouldn't know how to utilize it.

    I guess from an educational stand point, you (as a class officer or something) could discuss and educate this information to less experienced Tanks but, I don't know.

  4. You all seem to be missing the point, the point is about having some fun on bosses you have killed 30 times already and are in absolutely no danger of dieing to even if you tanked it with a resto spec.

  5. Not everyone tanks with MDs and/or tricks, and often in 10s with damage focused comps all the threat you can get matters. Thanks for the tips.