Thursday, July 1, 2010


Just a couple of notes, because I am on a crusade right now (see here).

  • Skull bash is terribly implemented, forcing bears to spend 2 points in brutal impact, they might as well not give us an interrupt at all.
  • We have no dire bear form, I guess the plan is to have bear form scale with level but as of right now it apparently does not.
  • FF and other similar abilities need to share a slot. Right now, if a balance druid uses FF and a bear uses FF(bear), even those do not stack, let alone sunder. Having to spend 5 talent points to stack up a debuff faster is a bad talent. Feral Aggression needs to be completely reworked and the armor debuffs fixed.
  • Maul is the elephant in the room, if it stays as is, mangle will be used once a minute for the debuff and FF will be used on the pull and that is it. The rotation is in a bad place right now.
  • Cooldowns, shield block is on a shorter cooldown than barkskin and provides more mitigation (even if it is melee damage only), IBF can be talented to 60%, we still have no spell exclusive cooldown, and our mastery is probably the worst of the 4.
That's all I got for now, working on the feral write-up for tankspot which I will cross-post here once I finish.


  1. Skull bash is a PVP issue I am sure. Druids already have OP CC capabilities. I agree though the talent could be reworked.
    I have a feeling Pulverize will have a glyph and work in similar fashion to Obliterate.
    Barkskin again is a PVP issue. It might be neat to make it something to dump some talent points, but don't forget it still works while incapacitated (and oft overlooked fact). The new spell damage talents along with PoTP are still solid flat mitigation so it may be a tricky balancing act with those in place.

  2. skull bash is not a pvp issue, if it was a PVP issue they would not have put it on the one talent that no PVE player gets but most PVPers do. It is a "we do not want resto and balance to have this" and they went about it the wrong way.

    Pulverize getting a glyph does nothing to the fact maul is still the only button we will be hitting right now, unless they really crack down on rage.

  3. Is it so bad that they want general Druids to have a long CD and Ferals to have a short CD if they want it (on Skull Bash). The point being that it *does* give you a choice. If you feel you must have a short CD interrupt then you can get it (no different than another tanking talent that you feel is a must).

    I haven't dug into the Feral tree yet, but is it a bad choice as a builder or clearly a superfluous 2 points on that tier?

    The lack of Dire Bear form *might* just be an unresolved glitch. Currently Dancing Rune Weapon doesn't appear in my spellbook. =)What I'd really like is for my JC skill to actually have buttons to use it, I want to replace my Agi/Stam gems that no longer give me armor (/crai).