Wednesday, June 23, 2010

25% HP

And I could actually get higher than this too if I had changed my cape


  1. Wow. Way to go Micheal. Way to epeen.

    I would say something more congratulatory but kinda miffed about your last post. Why put a detail in like "until we changed one thing" and then not elaborate on it?

    and yes, its your blog and you can write what you like.

    and yes I dont have to read it but what do you want for your readers?

    You are a author. People look to you for guidance. Write in a diary at home if you want to keep it for yourself. If you are going to put stuff out there for the public to read, don't be cryptic. It has a feel of "I know something you don't know". Elaborate or dont write them at all imo.

    kgo flame!

  2. oh and P.S.

    "Being a Feral tank: Guides, News, and Insight"


  3. Agree, Less epeen pictures. More discussion about the class. Or soon you will be losing a reader (you might not care, but just saying).

    Also just cause a person post as anonymous doesnt mean he isnt right. If you want to know, i posted as one in your previous post asking you to actually start discussing the possible changes

  4. I cannot and will not post until the NDA is lifted. I refuse to speculate about changes that are happening so fast and so frequently and that we do not have the context on.

    Look at LK beta and how much things changed from the initial NDA lift. No, it is too early to talk about Cata.

  5. I believe they are refering to your comment of "we changed one thing that really helped our guild on LK" not about the NDA cataclysm things.

    Those helpful tips and tricks that made the fight easier and manageable for you are alot of the reason people read wow blogs.