Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Darksend's Weekly Tip: Are you gemmed and enchanted properly?

The goal of this blog is to give advice, insights, and help to the community. The "this is new and looks interesting" posts, such as those of the past few days, will contribute a great deal towards that end. My main focus and purpose behind this blog however has always been this segment, which I will be posting once a week, usually on Tuesday. "Darksend's Weekly Tips" will contain guides on various topics ranging from gear to macros to tricks for tanking specific encounters. They will be the most informative, structured, and thought out topics to be posted on the site. The 1st two weeks are going to cover how to properly gem and enchant your gear. So, are you gemmed and enchanted properly?

Although maybe that question is to broad, perhaps the question you should be asking yourself is, "Is this item gemmed and enchanted properly for the gear set I am trying to fit this piece into?"

Effective Health




Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector

Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector

Arcanum of Torment


30 Stamina

20 Dodge/15 Defense

40 AP/15 Crit


225 Armor

22 Agility

22 Agility


18 Stamina (only with kings and imp MOTW)

10 to All Stats

10 to All Stats


40 Stamina

6 to all stats

15 Expertise


110 AP (kinda)


Accuracy (before hit cap) / Mongoose


22 Stam

16 Agility



Frosthide Leg Armor

Frosthide Leg Armor

Icescale Leg Armor


18 Stamina

20 Agility

20 Hit / 15 Expertise

Red Socket

8 Agi 12 Stam

16 Agi

16 Expertise / 8 Expertise 8 Hit

Yellow Socket

8 Hit 12 Stam

8 Agi 8 Hit

16 Hit / 8 Expertise 8 Hit

Blue Socket

24 Stam

8 Agi 12 Stam

8 Expertise 12 Stam / 8 Hit 12 Stam

This includes no profession specific enchants, but it also excludes some enchants that could be arguably better. For threat on helm, the old world 34 AP 16 Hit from CE rep could be better until the hit cap. For pure avoidance to chest, 10 stats gives 12 agi with imp mark, SOTF, and kings. 22 Defense gives .07% more avoidance than 12 agi. For gloves, Armsman, despite giving parry, may actually be more threat than either of the enchants listed, especially if without either you are already hit and expertise capped. Finally, Tuskarr's Vitality gives much more utility than Fortitude, but for reasons of pure EH it does not make the list.

Next week in part 2 I will be posting a write up on how to decide if socket bonuses are worth matching.


  1. Good stuff, and I enjoy the blog. Leveling my druid now, thinking of going feral/tree once he gets to 80 (and might become my main again).

    Quick question, you mention the hit cap, is it the same as a 2hander? Since WotLK came out I've been running with my DK mostly and keeping his hit above the 280 marker (8%). Is this what I should shoot for with the Bear as well?

  2. The hit cap vs bosses is 8% yes, against same level mobs and other players it is only 5%. This applies to 2h, druids, and using a 1h and a shield

    The spell cap is higher, 17%, but you get more spell hit from hit rating that you do melee hit rating (these numbers are purely made up just for comparison) but if you get 8% hit from 280 hit rating then you will have something like 10% spell hit from that same amount of rating. This applies to IW, FFF, and growl.

  3. So then what is the hit cap for growl as a feral? cause i am thinking that this number would be the bare minimum so a Tanking bear.