Sunday, March 15, 2009

New tank ring and drop woes

Now, I know this was discovered a while back, but since it just dropped again today it reminded me i had not posted it yet:

/Drool. Hopefully i can convince my main tank to pass that to me, and let him get the expertise one with slightly more defense and dodge. Ideally you will want both in the end as they are both better than gatekeeper (still have yet to see a single one drop on a main run and my alt has seen 6) and Keystone. Hang on to the badge ring for your threat set, but swap in the above expertise ring instead of deflection band/gatekeeper depending on your hit (at least for me hit is a lot harder to come by).

Now, last night i was quite upset when I saw a ring with parry and dodge on it, I was upset until i saw it was only ilvl 219 so it is a 10 man drop, so its not worth getting too upset over. Although it is just parry and dodge, no defense on it. While I know some warriors can get away with it, maybe with the new gear they can use rings without defense but it is going to be interesting to see how much use that ring actually gets. We can only hope they change the parry to expertise.

Overall I am quiet happy with the itemization on rings, capes, necks, and trinkets, but the actual leather gear is not that good. I don't think we realized how over budget recluse was until I saw this. Again though, most if not all of the leather drops have been 226 so until we see some of the higher ilvl dps/tanking leather I probably won't be impressed enough to post images of it.

Now a challenge for those of you who played feral druids when BC launched:

Since Gatekeeper is my new Squid-stick, in the comments post how many runs it took you to get Zierhut's Lost Treads and Terestrian's Stranglestaff. For me it was 11 runs for the boots and 23 for the staff.

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  1. I had the LW boots crafted so didn't farm for Zierhut's Lost Threads, but i had over 25 runs before i received my Terestrian Stranglestaff, at which time i had have Staff of Primal Fury from ZA for 1-2 weeks :(