Sunday, May 24, 2009

Glory of the Ulduar Raider: Firefighter

Last week I posted complimenting blizzard on their balancing of 10 man hard modes (compared to the atrocity that was the difference between 10 man 3d sarth's difficulty and 25 man 3d sarth's difficulty).

Last night, after about 12 hours of attempts over the 2 days, my 10 man raid completed the Mimiron hard mode Firefighter achievement. This finished off our meta as well, making us only the 26th raid in the world and 7th in the US to earn the Rusted Proto-Drakes.

The amount of time we put in not only on mimiron but the entire 10 man instance since it came out with sub-par raid comps (bad synergy overall due to wanting to take whoever was on to get it done, having to shoot up our best demolisher driver on orbit-uary, no mages on Freya, 4 melee on mimiron, and less than ideal healer compositions specifically for XT pre nerf) was a little less than I had hoped so I am truly looking forward to Algalon and Alone in the Darkness.

(on youtube: "This video is still being processed. Video quality may improve once processing is complete." Also means HD is not available yet.)


  1. Grats!
    I haven't done much 10 man. My guild did some friday and yesterday. They went through the bigger part of the hard modes as a hot knife though butter. Some harder ones weren't tried yet but I can see them going down in the future too.

  2. Hey man, Thanks. Hows the recruitment going? And yea hard mode IC thorim and 3 minute lol hodir, that's not even to mention post nerf XT, are fairly easy for anyone with 25 man gear. Freya is just about coordination.

    Mimiron is defiantly the one that's going to keep people from getting the mount.

  3. Hi,
    my guild are going to try Mimiron tonight (10-man, normal mode). Can you list the order of 10-man bosses (from easiest to hardest hardmode boss) and maby coment on which hardmode bosses who are rather easy and who are really hard (like Mimiron hardmode).


    The only true hard encounters on 10 man are mimiron hard and 0 watcher yogg. This only applies to 10 man what I am about to say.

    Flame levi is not an encounter as far as i am concerned its about putting peoeple with high ilvl gear in the driver seats and hoping they know what to do.

    xt we killed hard mode on alts this week it was nerfed as shit

    iron council we have had on farm since PTR in 10 man, also killed on alts.

    hodir is a joke at 3 minutes as well, again, downed by alts (must have heroism though) only bring 2 healers and you should beat it with ~30 seconds to spare.

    thorim hits pretty hard on undergeared tanks. needs to be dead by a 10 stack, killed by alts.

    freya is the first of the "getting difficult hard modes". There is only 1 of each of the insta-gib abilities at a time instead of 3 at a time (1 root vs 3 roots at once, 1 beam instead of 3 beams at once) The only hard wave is the small aoe waves that if killed to fast will kill people with the explosion.

    If you do not have a DK for general vezax hard mode dont bother, but if you do then grtz it completely trivializes the fight.