Thursday, May 28, 2009

Probably the only feral druid bloger on the planet who has not yet.....

Commented on the new bear form models. Frankly I have been undecided about them.

I made up my mind last night when I realized I was not alone in feeling disapointed. In a shocking move ME AND KAILEE ACTUALLY AGREE ON SOMETHING (mek I blame you for this!!!).

Also, why does it seem like more non druids than feral druids are like OMG AMAZING LOOKING, they really are not that amazing.

In the news post about it over at tankspot someone posted:
Are the color changes nice? Yes.
Will it be nice to be able to differentiate the furballs in a raid? Yes.

But am I the only one that just sees a palette swap and the addition of an armband and necklace? I don't see a big change here. And nothing that indicates anything about the gear they're wearing, which is what I thought most druids had been requesting. *shrug*

I'm just glad I don't stare at a furry butt everytime I play, no matter what color it is. ;-)

After 5 years this is all they can do. I am extremely disappointed. There is absolutely nothing new they took the old models into an editor and changed the color, probably took all of 30 seconds per form. And it took them 5 years to make that. Where is my armor?

For as long as they made us wait I expected something better than the same models just with new colors.

Also, where are the shots from behind. Sorry but thats what I have been looking at for the last 3 years thats what I really care about them changing not the faces I never see.


  1. Lol! A bears ass is nice yes! I just hope the cats are not just new colors. Bears were ok I think. Just the cats. Give us something much better please!

  2. yo marino hit me up with your email or something. I hate that you are eu so i cant log in and chat with ya

  3. I have a feeling that some people won't really be sold on the new graphics until after we've seen them up close in action.

    It's hard for one screenshot to capture what it's going to be like running around in that form... and the people were dumb enough to take the pictures of it with their mouths open.

  4. Honestly, I never look at my character. I am looking around checking for adds, looking around at boss timers, checking add %s, etc.

    And the times I am I am so covered in consecrates divine storms missile spells etc that I cannot even see my own model.

    I could care less what my model looks like, HELL I LOVE THE TAUREN CAT when i played my tauren druid back at 60 around 1.8. For me its just about the fact it took 5 years to change the color of it and nothing else. For as much as this was anticipated and hyped up I expected more (dont now what I expected but I expected more).

  5. Agree, its really disapointing that after 5 years of work and since i didnt play that much pre-bc i cant really tell since how long they been saying they wanna add new skins to the class. BUT they said they wanted something looking as good as flying form, anzu and/or tree form. and the result is nothing near them