Thursday, June 18, 2009

He feeds on your Tears

After 1shoting him on our first kill, with a death, and not having our regular group for our second kill last week, this week on our 3rd kill we successfully earned "HE FEEDS ON YOUR TEARS" by killing Algalon with 0 deaths for the entire lockout.

Maybe it was a good thing fraps fucked up last week as I now how the he feeds on your tears kill frapsed.

I would also like to congratulate our guild for completing our first legendary mace, GRTZ JOY (we actually got it last week I'm kinda slow).


  1. We might have the legendary mace this week too. Currently 3 fragments short of it. If 2 drop from random bosses and Yogg drops an other we have it.

    Only 1 drop yesterday sadly. (7 bosses I think we did)

  2. Nope.

    You need 30 before yogg. In order to make the mace you need to do ala ony where you had to drop the blade for her to breathe on.

    In this case when doing with at least 1 keeper not helping he does a silence that in phase 3 which is when you need to throw the mace into him. when you kill him you loot it and turn it in.

    My friends guild had 29 on yogg and couldnt get it made because yoggs made 30.

  3. Ah ok :D
    We at the moment have 27. Yogg, council and Ignis left. So it will be next week then for sure. Unless we are really unlucky.

  4. By the way.. I want a legendary weapon too. I believe MC had a dps mace. Was it 2 hander? Even so, druids were supposed to be healers back then. And this is a healer weapon... finally, but then again, I am feral now.

    So unless I am too confused on what class can use what kind of weapon, here is what I think.

    What should 3.2 give? Pretty much every caster has been taken care of now. So that leaves melee and ranged. A bow was not long ago, so all left is melee. There were rogue/warrior glaives. Leaving enhancement shamans, feral druids and retri/tanking paladins and DK's.

    One solution: a mace. Preferably a 2 hander. That would be usable for all melee, except for shield wearing ones. DK's, paladins and warriors would however be able to get frostmourne. So I don't think that will be it. I rather think that there will be a one hander mace again in 3.2 One that has parry, defense and dodge.

    So us feral druids are screwed again. I sure hope they decide to make a dps staff or polearm though sometimes.

    Btw, any word on maybe ever finishing the emerald dream? Would love to see that in 3.3. That would so much give a druid stave! I must be. It is a druid place! GIEF!

  5. Blizzard does legendary by the class, not by the spec.

    So even though we are not healers this is our classes legendary