Friday, June 26, 2009

Where have I been:

Finally got 80 last night. Been grinding it out pretty hard. That plus raiding 3 ulduars a week left me with very little time. An issue which just got a lot less time consuming because of my other big accomplishment. My guild finally downed firefighter in 25 man. Hopefully I will be able to get out more regular updates now that these two major time constraints have finally been completed. EDIT: Sooooo, the alts strike again. Last patch our alt group (with the help of a voidwalker) completed the 10 man meta before most other guilds got them on mains.

Alt mounts V2: Darkneskilla successfully tanks firefighter 10 (after giving all my healers heart attacks I love you all for putting up with me I still owe some of you steak dinners at some point for something but I forgot what). Thanks to Korsten, jeff, and jordan for coming on their mains ONLY TO GET CARRIED BY ALTS O.o. Also thanks to dab for knowing how do bind FoK to every key on his keyboard and facerolling.

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