Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dual-Spec, My take on the future of it.

How great would it be to have a third spec, for most of us it would be amazing, but it would also take a lot of decision making away. Also, Blizzard has said they are not likely to give us a third spec (for what that is worth WoW is an ever-evolving game so things said 6 months ago cannot be held as law).

My gripe with the dual-spec system since it was put in was that you had to use the glyph set with that talent set. What if the talent and glyph options could be selected independently? This would give you 4 talent options without needing to add the option to purchase additional specs.

One thing that comes to mind is I have been using glyph of growl in every tanking spec this entire expansion, despite the amount of bosses that do not require taunts. In my post last week I mentioned that I would probably be using glyph of mangle soon. Wouldn't it be nice if I could do one glyph spec for SI, maul, and mangle and the other Growl, SI, SR? Consider, 25 man raid with a ret or prot paladin on a fight that needs taunts, but my spec without feral aggression has SI, mangle and maul glyphs. I could run the entire night with my ferocity spec and swap only my glyph specs depending on fight instead of having to run a feral aggression spec on taunt fights even though we already have that debuff provided by someone else.

Blue posts:

This one comes to us from the damage dealing forums: http://blue.mmo-champion.com/28/24038607788-when-will-hybrid-tax-apply-to-fury-warriors.html

Read the whole thing from a blue-tracker, there is a lot in there about healer mana and how tanks are going to play a much bigger role on tank mana in the expansion, and how healer's having to play with more spells for the sake of mana will make tanks change their mentality.

OT rage from damage will be almost as high as a dps warrior (haste, crit, and any specific talents would be the only differences). Plus you'll have abilities like shouts to tide you over for short periods in which you're not taking enough damage. OTs do often take incidental damage in many fights.

It's definitely something to keep an eye on in the sense that the new mechanic doesn't completely solve the problem, but it should feel better than today.

There will be a little more information when we're ready to share more details on warrior and druid specific changes.
If there are more fights on taunt immune bosses where you are trying to do tank swaps with druid or a warrior offtank, hunters and rogues are going to be very unhappy. WHICH I HOPE THERE ARE BECAUSE LDW IS A LOT OF FUN!!!!!!

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  1. Glyphs are so cheap to make if you know a scribe or have one on an alt. There's no need for the functionality you mention. Take a stack of each of your glyphs and every fight that you want something different swap what you want for that fight. I still wish they'd give more than two specs so that I could have an easier time at the trainer when I want to pvp or heal, but I understand they probably won't do that. Pure dps classes basically get their dps spec and a pvp spec just by having dual spec. They don't really need another one. But any hybrid generally needs multiple raid specs and then if they want to pvp they'll have to go respec at the trainer and take the time to put in their points and glyphs and setup their bars again.